Fresh download of Writer has no file toolbar\

Fresh download of Writer has no file toolbar. It just has five vertical dots a the very top left corner.and then icons for Save, Print, etc

How do I enable the File toolbar?

Do you mean that you lost the menu bar?

You may have inadvertently enabled an alternate UI called Groupedbar Compact. You have two options through a Menu drop-down menu at the far right below the row of icons:

  • enable Menu Bar
  • revert to the traditional UI with User Interface>Standard Toolbar

It is a good idea to select both items (in this order) in the menu to reset correctly everything.

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you can try (re-)starting LO in Safe Mode and see if that fixes your problem.

Choose Help - Restart in Safe Mode…

Start LibreOffice from command line with --safe-mode option

Start LibreOffice from LibreOffice (Safe Mode) start menu entry (Windows only)

ref. Safe Mode

Hope it helps.

There is one more point to add to my situation.
I have limited vision so I operate W10 in some dark Microsoft mode. Such dark modes are not well tested and may not paint what is expected.

I ended up reverting to V6.4.4 and my problems went away.

V7 is a bit new, I will wait until more are using it and discovering possible problems.

So I will close this thread.