From two arrays to one arrays

if I would like to obtain from two array:
A = [a b c]
B = [d e f]
the following array
C = [a b c d e f]
there is a istruction to unite the arrays A and B?

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I didn’t tell you that I use StarBasic

See tilde (~) operator. E.g.: =SUM(A1:A3~C4:C6)

Cannot be used in Data->Validity.

EDIT: Since you need a BASIC function, you may use this:

Function UnionArrays (Arr1, Arr2)
' Expects two 1-dimensional arrays
    Dim result
    result = Arr1
    ReDim Preserve result(UBound(Arr1)+UBound(Arr2)-LBound(Arr2)+1)
    Dim i As Integer
    i = UBound(Arr1)+1
    Dim n As Integer
    For n=LBound(Arr2) To UBound(Arr2)
        result(i) = Arr2(n)
        i = i+1
    Next n
    UnionArrays = result
End Function

I’m sorry,
I didn’t tell you that I use Starbasic

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It’s easy as pie!


Now that I’m thinking about it, OP does make 3 arrays (or lists, as Python, pictured above, calls them) which is using same syntax some languages use, and I don’t remember seeing arrays made that way in Calc. I could be wrong, though. Python does make many things much easier than any other language AFAIK.

I didn’t tell you that I use StarBasic


a = array("a","b","c")
b = array("d","e","f")

c = split(join(a, ",") & "," & join(b, ","), ",")


works only with strings inside array, and maybe partielly with integers or floats…
python works with any objects inside lists