From Writer to Word? automatic?

I must send documents to my teacher in Word, I only use Libre Office. If I send them with Libre Office Writer, will they open automatically with Word when he opens it, or should I make the change to word before sending them completely?
I do not want him to have a problem opening it and sending them back because he must qualify and make some comments and notes and I do not know if this will cause a problem when reading and opening the documents.

Also If I have to make a format (word) change How do I do that?

Seems to have been asked here as well in Spanish ¿Debo cambiar formato de Writer a Word o es automático al abrirlo?. Please leave a comment, if cross-posting questions.


Q1: will they open automatically with Word when he opens it

Nobody can answer this question without any information about your teachers system and the MS Office version (Word) your teacher is using. Modern MS Office versions claim to be able to open documents in ODF (i.e. .odt in case of Writer text documents). But this is only one part of the problem. The other part is: Does your teacher have a file association of .odt file extension to Word?. If the answer is “yes” - it would open automatically if your teacher double click the filename in file explorer (hopefully he has not a habit to double click attached files in his email client:-)). You see: To many factors purely related to your teachers system and the simple answer is (also taking into account your statement: I must send documents to my teacher in Word). Send the files in Word format (i.e. docx)

Q2: How do I make a format (word) change

Simply save the file as Word 2007–365 (.docx) using File -> Save As... and select Word 2007–365 (.docx) in Filter: selection list. The recommendation is: Do not keep editing the .docx file. Use the .odt version of your document as the master document, incorporate changes / comment you get as feedback from your teacher into the master document and then save a new version of the .docx file. Strictly avoid repeating conversion from one format into the other and back (i.e. odtdocxodt …).

Hope that helps

It also depends on the “complexity” of the document: tables are known to have compatibility issues, header and footer are measured the same in both suites, … Direct formatting versus consistent use of styles (notably character styles) can also make a difference.

When in doubt about the remote configuration, prefer saving as .doc which much less problematic than .docx (personal experience).