Full page background for labels?

How can I create a full-page background when using labels?

I want to print sticker labels that have a tiled (either by LibreOffice or manually by Gimp) image background that covers the entire page (so that the background goes to the edges of the stickers). I’ve tried the following:

  1. Format → Page → Background allows me to set the background, but the background starts from the top-left of the first label, not from the top-left of the page.

  2. Adding the image as a page-anchored background image (as instructed here). This has two issues: a) the labels have a white background blocking out the background image, and b) after adding the image I’m unable to edit the labels because any way I click on the labels, it always selects the image, not the label area.

I’m using LibreOffice from Linux Mint.

Was able to get it working by the following:

  1. Format → Page → Background and set the image

  2. Format → Page → Page, and change the page margins to zero. The labels are still properly placed, even when the page margins are removed.

(I’m very surprised that the background image doesn’t have the option of extending the background outside of the page margins.)