Full screen

Hi there. Does anybody else have a problem with full screen mode in LO 5.2? My computer freezes and then crashes when I change a document in Writer into full screen mode. This happened with Win 10 and happens with Win 10 Anniversary edition.

5.2 is pre-release, you should file a bug report about this at bugzilla.

Did bug report. #101321. Ta.

@anon87010807 v5.2 is now released. Using this version on a xubuntu 16.04 system there is no problem with full screen mode. Toggled it a dozen times (with changes) without a problem.

@Ratslinger: when I wrote that comment, was still on the download page, and the Release notes still are about that version.

Anyway, if all LibreOffice users would visit this forum and do their duty, this would be a good place to get confirmation about possible bugs before filing an issue at bugzilla. But they don’t, and i that case, it seems better to me to file that issue as soon as you can, so the developers see it sooner.

@anon87010807 not a problem. Just wanted to let you know it is out. I agree with you about bug filing. My only point was to further indicate this may be either within the Windows release or Windows itself.