function didn't work: copied to cell, it did work. wtf?

I had the function sum(c39:c48) in cell c38. I noticed that the answer in cell c38 was wrong, and no matter what I did it wouldn’t change. (All other cells were recalculating, just not cell c38.) I copied the entire range c38:c48 to f38:f48 and back again and everything worked fine in the recopied c38.

 Details: Calc: version 1:5.1.6~rc2-0ubuntu1~xenial1
      OS: [Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS _Xenial Xerus_ -Release amd64 (20170215.2)]/ xenial main restricted
Hardware: Dell Inspiron 3558
      CPU: Intel i3-1515U @ 2.10 GHz x 4
 Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 5500 (Broadwell GT2) 

Is it recalculate? Is it a one-off bug? Is it my copy? Do I have a mismatch of something somewhere?

I’ve got a similar problem with count() in another spreadsheet. I’m beginning to doubt the usefulness of LibreOffice Calc.

As nobody knows your sheet and its data or its history, nobody can tell what happened. Btw, wtf in subject doesn’t help.