Function for date to day of week


Is there a function in Calc that I can use to translate a certain date to the day of the week (like Monday, Tuesday, Saturday).

So for 09-10-2015 it will have to give : “Friday”

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LibreOffice version
OS version Windows 10
Detailed steps taken: Installed LO, installed offline help.

It has been a while since this question was asked so my attempt at a solution may not be needed now; I needed to solve the same problem.
I couldn’t find a function that would do it so I wrote an ‘if’ function which is below:


The ‘if’ function is a copy from my spreadsheet so it should work for you.

The reference ‘B4’ in the above function refers to the cell where the function can find the date to calculate its result.

You can alter the result format to whatever you desire; short names suit my spreadsheet.


You may want to look at this post → How do I derive a text day (Monday, Tuesday,…) from a date field (7/21/2016)

In a cell enter → =now() ← that will give today’s date. Then in that cell, format that cell (ctrl + 1) to return just the day, rather than day, month, year.