Function list in Calc crashes

Every time I try to activate the option Insert - Function List in Calc, the program stops and starts the recovery process. I use LibreOffice 3.5 on Windows 7 and I use the most recent Java version. I hope someone can help me.

Your “question” apparently describes a LibreOffice Bug. For that please report a Bug, you simply have to click the ‘Feedback - Report a Bug’ item in the LibreOffice Help Menu.

Please download and install the latest version of LibreOffice to resolve this issue. This was a bug in LibreOffice 3.5. It has been fixed in versions 3.6 and 4.0.

@rmfaile - Do you know the bug#? It might be helpful for @Aigars if this is a related problem.


I don’t have a specific bug number. I said it was a bug out of experience. Using 3.5 produced several crashes for me when simply clicking on menus to get to a function and this seemed similar. Upgrading to a newer version fixed the problem for me. And looking in the bug logs, there were several bugs filed for crashes just from clicking on menu functions.

I downloaded the latest version and I have the same problem. Every time I try to insert a function , Calc crashes.

Try resetting the user profile.

Hi @Aigars,

I don’t see any open bug in Bugzilla that seems to fit your description. If resetting your user profile doesn’t seem to help, please file a bug and provide a list of steps that can reproduce your problem.


Thanks @mariosv and @qubit1 reseting user profile resolved the issue. It might have accoured due to a power failure I had recently, while working in Libre Office…