Function OR "Conditional Formatting" to Change only the Fontcolor

Is it possible in Calc to change only the text color but always keep the cell’s current background color?

Either with a function or, as I understand many consider to be the right way, using “conditional formatting”

Otherwise, I have to start making 24 customize styles

Of course, but obviously you should create and apply a Style which has explicitly only the Attribut »FontColor« nothing else!


Yes of course - I am asking how to do it

Inherit your style from »Default«

and change only:

OK, thanks a lot
and I see - but it doesn’t work for me
My cell is in a the costumized Style (Yellow-Ground).

Its property is as shown in this picture:

“Your” green-font property:

Now I click on “your” Green font and as you can see, the yellow background disappears

I Know I can put the Green Font under Yollow-Ground style - But that only works as intended until I have to use “green-font” for an orange background-style

Similar topic.

So in other words - It can’t be done?

(If I go into some Base (which I’ve never really had the energy to mess with) would I maybe be able to do that?)

I think there are chances. :slightly_smiling_face: