function to set a selected row in a listbox

After updating a row in a listbox with SetItemText, the display reverts to showing the first rows. I would like to move the selection to the row foliowing the one just updated and for the listbox display to scroll to show this. Is there a function SetSelectedRow(RowNumber) or similar?

Did you solve the problem?
Same issue here. When I open a form focus should jump to the last row of the listbox.

The displayed item in the listbox is set by the index # of the item in the VIEW of the control.

oField1 = oForm1.getByName("Your FieldName")
Doc = ThisComponent
DocCtl = Doc.getCurrentController()
'Get VIEW for listbox
CtlView = DocCtl.GetControl(oField1)
CtlView.selectItemPos(IndexValueHere, True)

When a form is first opened, the control is sitting at index 0 (the first item in the list).