Function wizard help button

In the current LO Calc (7.0, Windows 10), the behavior of the help button in the function wizard has changed. If I have a function open, the help button leads to the root help screen, not to the specific function I need help with.

That’s odd, on mine it goes to help about the function wizard in and
If you want help about a function, there is a link under Categories to " You can browse the full List of Categories and Functions." but probably better to type the function name into the search box in help.

Yes, I can search from help for the specific function, but having the function I want to see in help right off is no longer working.

If you click on a function, you get a brief description of what it does and its structure in the function wizard panel.
Personally, I don’t recall help for the specific function linked in the way that you say in LibreOffice, I could be wrong. Are you sure you aren’t thinking of MS Office which does link that way?

Yes I’m sure. Sure that LO used to link to the specific function in the online help pages via the help button on the wizard window for the function. And sure I’m not thinking of MS which I haven’t used for a long time.

Long story short: use the F1 key.

There is a difference between the Help button and the F1 help key. The F1 key delivers help for the currently focused element, like when a function name is selected or the cursor is within a function name’s parameter field then F1 goes to the help of that function. Obviously clicking on the Help button releases any context and it jumps to help for the Function Wizard. Apparently that changed around LibreOffice 6.3 already (earlier clicking Help delivered help for the previously selected item) and might be related to the new dialog system and widgets used.

Thanks. That did the trick. It was also ~v. 6.3 when I noticed the change. I remember pointing this feature out to others when evangelizing for LO among others disenchanted with MS. (Although the “obviously” below isn’t obvious to me.)