Functionaccess "offset" & "match"


I would like to use the function “OFFSET” and “MATCH” in libreoffice macro,
I had found this topic, but it is not clear:

Using Calc built in functions in macros (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum

Can You help me?

Thank you in advanced

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LO: 5.2.6 e 5.3.1
SO: Win 7 - 10

No, you don’t need offset, because the native API-Methods …getCellByPosition( … , … ) and …getCellRangeByPosition( … , … , … , … ) exists!!

Thank you Karolus :slight_smile:

Hello @Karolus!
Is it possible determinate the position of a number in a range data
with starbasic in libreoffice calc?

Thank you