Funny form controls not retaining x position; getting shifted left on open

I’m have a form with a funny behavior.

I had a group of controls anchored to the page that were getting shifted left when the form was opened. I edited it and put the group back to the right, but when saved, and re-opened, it just gets shifted left again (not all of the way left, just about one inch).

I deleted some of the controls, like the one that was getting shifted, and then another one would shift left. ???

So now I’m down to just one control (in a roughly landscape layout where it’s located on the right flank of the screen). It looks like it’s getting moved in to act like it’s on some sort of paper page. ??

I looked at the page settings, and I have legal, landscape, with no margins (width 14.0, height 8.5").

Style is Default Style, no headers or footers, 1 column.

EDIT: If I simply switch back in forth into design mode this control does not move. It’s only when I close the form. The re-open it from scratch in Open mode.

I’m not a Writer expert, and I know that base forms are placed on top of writer documents. I’m guessing there might be some part of the Writer doc that is doing this. It doesn’t happen in my other forms.

As a last ditch effort, I suppose I might try abandoning the form and re-creating it. ??

One other thing: After I click Open, the screen flashes, shows correctly for a moment, then moves the control to the left before settling down. So something about the Open startup process is moving this control.

… THE more I look at this the more it looks like buggy behavior. I can also place a 2nd control to the right and it also gets moved left. But what is strange, is that when the form first opens it shows the correct placement of the control, but then when it finishes it is wrong, and when I edit the form later the position is wrong.

I’m just not sure how to work around this.

Build ID: 3d9a8b4b4e538a85e0782bd6c2d430bafe583448
CPU Threads: 2; OS Version: Linux 3.16; UI Render: default; VCL: gtk2; Layout Engine: new;
Locale: en-US (en_US.UTF-8); Calc: group

Workaround is to place another control on the right edge of the screen. In my case I put a push button that does nothing, and made it very small. Somehow it stops the right most control from trying to shift left.