Fuzzy text Libre Writer (Mac)

I’ve recently begun using LO however the text rendering is not as sharp as other writing programs. Here I’ve posted a comparison with Word 2011 (LO on the right, Word on the left), which is quite better. How come there’s a difference between the text rendering in the toolbars, options, etc. and the actual text? And how do I solve the issue?

I’ve seen somewhat similar issues but can’t find any answers. Anti-aliasing is on and OpenGl enabled as well as Java. Macbook Pro (2013) with Retina display.
Everything is updated.

(edit: activated screenshot)


seems to be #tdf122218 - Summary: Problem with Xcode 10. You may give LibreOffice version 6.2.7 a try, which in a comment is reported to not show the bug.

Great! That fixed it!