Garbage can, or litterbasket

Dear Reader,
The manual mentions a recycle garbage can, where can I find it ?
And can I retrieve documents from there ?

Usually in the desktop.

It is OS dependant; not a LibreOffice feature.

Not to sure to understand how this question is related LO in genral, Writer in particular.
Trash can or recycle can is usually a function managed by the OS (operating system).

If you intend to receive help (related to LibreOffice, I insist upon this), edit your question to describe what you want to do and what you did which resulted in failure.

I thought the LO program also had a built-in garbage bin, but that’s not so, Okay, thank you for the quick reply.

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Pinkfairies Tom

I think that I get it!

See Always create backup copy (in menu Tools - Options - Load/Save - General).
Backups path is set in menu Tools - Options - LibreOffice - Paths. Here will remain only the penultimate version of your saved documents.

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Thank you for your clear answer, that’s what I was looking for

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