'General Error' Dialog when opening odt files

OS: Linux 3.7.10-gentoo
LO: (Gentoo Official Stable Package)
JDK: Oracle JDK

Opening odt files results in a dialog stating ‘General Error’ and ‘OK’.

Selecting OK loads the file, everything seems fine otherwise. Anyone else seeing this, or better still, worked out why it’s happening and how to fix it?

TIA - Ian

Thanks oweng, I’d seen the Arch discussion from googling, but your post made me take a closer look, and it appears that the culprit was dev-libs/rasqal - just saw in the logs that got upgraded April 14th; may just be the issue again.

Given you are using Gentoo and their LO build, it may be a build problem (although other Gentoo users would be noticing it as well I would think). A similar problem under Arch, some time back now admittedly, required the re-linking of a related package. I have no idea if this is the cause or not, but it may be worth letting Gentoo know.