Generating a SEPA money transfer code in calc

The Insert - Object - QR-Code function only seems to allow for a single line input and no reference.
In order to be able to generate a QR-Code for money transfers, multiline input is necessary.
This is most easily generated in one spreadsheet cell.

Is there a way to reference a cell as input to the QR-Code generator?

This is the type of code I would like to generate:

Any European generating an Invoice would benefit from this function in LibreOffice.


the simple (but probably unsatisfying) answer is: You can’t.

QR Code generator implemented in LibreOffice doesn’t allow to create multiple line QR codes. There is an enhancement request to implement this feature: see tdf#128718 Accept texts with multiple line in the QR Code Generator

In addition: You can’t reference one or more cell value(s) to create an QR code (can’t find a related enhancement request for that)

Hope this answers your question

Thanks for the quick and transparent response, Opaque. :slight_smile:

Sadly, neither the built-in nor the addon support a sufficient numer of lines for this use case.
I am helping myself with a generator on the web, but integration would, of course, be much preferred.

Seems you filed an enhancement request: tdf#138856 - Allow for input to QR-Code Generator by reference to another object

Yes, I certainly did. And I hope I got the content right.
Thanks for pointing me to the existing enhancement request.
I would expect both functions to be useful and not just for me.