Generic file icons after upgrade to (Mac 10.13.6)

After upgrading to Libre Office on Macbook Air High Sierra 10.13.6, LO file icons display differently in Finder windows. Calc icons look like zip files. Writer icons are just plain blank white.

LO files work normally once I open and work on them, but generic icons remain in Finder.

In Applications folder I’m seeing

I deleted the .dmg file after. Would that be an issue?

I tried duplicating a few files. The icons change from generic to blue LO icons (normal LO icons if I’m correct But upon re-opening same finder window they switch back to generic icons again.

Another weird thing: In 2 spreadsheets there were big black chunks blocking out many rows and columns. Never seen before. That issue seems gone now on its own but makes me nervous still.

I’m having a few other finder issues too, but only after installing the Libre update. Just coincidence? Was having zero problems before this, from Mac or Libre.

I’m not having same problem on my other Mac (Macbook Pro High Sierra 10.13.6) after downloading same Libre Office version.

I’m not a coder or tech person, just a consumer-level user. I Know enough to change settings and in System Preferences and/or applications. And install / update applications Anything beyond that I may need to hire IT help.

Thanks in advance! I’m new at asking any questions here, so unsure of etiquette. Loving Libre!

I deleted the .dmg file after. Would that be an issue?

No - may be that’s a problem of macOS’ icon cache. Check How to clear Mac OSX icon cache - Apple Community, which is about to clear the icon cache (just a hint, not a proved solution for your case - hence not an answer but a comment).

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Thanks! I quickly noticed that the missing icon is not a problem. Everything else still works the same. But I’ll save your comment for if I want to dig into this in the future!

So much appreciate your help. Sorry about delay-- I did not find your comment until now. I should login more!

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