Gentium Incantation Font not Displaying in Libre Office


Was hoping to ask a quick question about a font. Am planning to use a font called ‘Gentium Incantation’ to make a Buddhist chanting book. The font places arrows above and below letters to show a change in tone when chanting.

It works by placing tone marks beside letters. When a mark is placed beside a letter, it appears that the font then converts the mark to the desired type of arrow above or below the letter. These tone marks are: ‘up: ꜓ down: ꜕ up long: ꜒ down long: ꜖’. Specific examples of how the font works are given on it’s download page here.

Unfortunately, haven’t been able to get the font to display arrows in Libre Office. It appears to work fine in Scribus, though. Was hoping to check and see if anyone might have any ideas as to how to get the arrows to appear in Libre office?

Much appreciation for any ideas anyone might have and hope that you have a great day.



Get your cursor where you want the mark to appear in the word, then use the menu “Insert->Special Character”, then select Subset: “Modifier Tone Letters” on the Special Characters page. You should be able to select the arrow characters and insert them in your writer text.

Also, you may have to change your paragraph style so the line spacing allows the arrows to appear completely on multiple lines. Do this through the “Styles” menu. I used a line spacing of 1.5 for this font.


Hi Hink,

Kind of you to answer so quickly again. Just realized the problem was that I was using ‘Gentium Plus’ instead of ‘Gentium Incantation’. Also to had to make sure to that the marks were in 'Gentium Incantation. Had been copying and pasting them from the font’s webpage and they appeared in Liberation mono.

Very nice to be able to use this font. Kind of you to give your time and advice, Hink. Was very helpful. Hope that you have a great day, and wishing you all the best.