Geometry symbols on Math


I am currently working on a project with my students about Geometry. I needed to type in a line AB, so, I needed the “AB” to show up, so I typed:

nitalic {AB}

Now I needed a double sided arrow (single lined), to be above this “AB”. I managed to find a vector arrow, a “no arrowed” line but nothing that could help me with that. I tried using it as a symbol, but then the arrow looked awfully small next to the characters.

I also noticed there wasn’t any arch symbols to use there, my question is, are they inexistent on LibreOffice Math? How can I get the desired symbol without needing to get the image from another software?

I am using LibreOffice on Ubuntu 14.04, both with English (US) interfaces.

Thanks a lot!

This particular symbol is covered by enhancement request fdo#65253. For other math symbols, it is hoped that use of the STIX fonts (fdo#38881) will go some way towards alleviating this issue.

Interesting, so, basically for now all we can do is wait? Thanks for replying!

I teach math . . . this would be a big help to me as well.