German fonts

I want to create documents using the German language.

What is required?

I have Office Libre v6.2.7.1 for Fedora linux installed.

I have looked over this site, and it’s not clear to me how to procede

Thank you.

You just need the German spellcheck and thesaurus dictionaries. If you use the LibreOffice that comes with your system, just look with your package manager for “myspell” and install the German packages. After you restart LibreOffice, you can set the language for a particular document by modifying the paragraph style called “Default Style” under the Font tab. As for the fonts, almost every modern font has support for German, it’s up to your operative system which method you use to insert all the ß, ü, etc. needed by the German language.

Thank you.

As you already know, the GUI installation utility is dnfdragora. The language pack is libreoffice-langpack-de. Normally, all dependencies are automatically handled. The spellchecker, hunspell, should already be installed, but checkdictionary hunspell-de has been.

When this is done, open LibreOffice and go to Tools>Options.

Basic language configuration is in Language Settings>Languages. Set the UI language if needed (it should already be set as “default” to the OS language). Locale is already set to the one enabled by OS. Default language for Western documents defaults to your OS language. If it is not German, select from dropdown menu.

Go now to Language Settings>Writing Aids. Verify that the various tools are enabled. If the German dictionary is not listed, recheck the installation procedure.

Press OK.

No extra step is needed. In particular, there is no need to modify Default Style paragraph style because it takes its base configuration from Tools>Options.

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Thank you.