German version of AskLibO

Is there a German version of AskLibO?
If so what is the URL?

Is it possible to register as a user on a German site?
If so what is the URL?

Thanks in advance for your help!
It is needed to promote LibO among younger students; around 13 years of age.

Very similar question (from 2012): German language version of

Update (2014-04-04)

The German AskLibO localization has been set up now.

Read more on ML libreoffice-website · AskBot localization, finally

Update (2013-12-12)

The German askbot translation in Transifex has been completed (100%).

Bug 70215 - ASKLIBREOFFICE: Germanophone (de) project needs a separate ask instance


Presently, a localized German version of AskLibO doesn’t exist.

(See also → Get Help · AskLibO).

A link to the → German LibreOffice site · “Hilfe + Kontakt”.

Thanks for the information.

See also ML LO website: update on AskBot

Hi @ROSt53,

We’ve seen interest in localized Ask sites for various languages – Spanish, German, Russian, etc.

There’s currently just one localized Ask (Askbot) site, here (in Brazilian-Portuguese):

The PT-BR site may just be a test until we have some more time to work on the site.

Per email to the website list, there were some requirements for setting up the PT-BR localization:

  1. A site administrator and moderators are needed
  2. [The admin/mods] need to perform the initial settings, set up external interfaces etc.
  3. Missing strings must be translated. This must happen both upstream and locally.

But before that happens, we currently have a few bugs in the backend and are in a holding pattern on pretty much all of them until after an upgrade to the Askbot software lands…hopefully before the end of this week (Alex is the one scheduling that).

If you are interested in a localized Ask site in German (or any other language), please check-in with your language-specific localization team (per @manj_k) and drum up some support for the idea. Speaking based on my experience on the Ask site, you’ll want some enthusiastic volunteers to step up and be active in monitoring the site, answering questions, directing questions-that-are-bugs to the bugtracker, etc… :slight_smile:

You also should check the upstream localization work for Askbot and help your translation get to 100%. It looks like some of that work is going on here. Just for reference, percentage translation done for some of the requested languages:

  • Russian - 100%
  • Portuguese (BR) - 97%
  • Spanish - 90%
  • French - 88%
  • German - 75%

@qubit1 Thanks for detailed explanations. I got a better picture of the situation. Background of my question was the introduction of LibO to my niece, 13years old. She is very enthusiastic about LibO and wants to register here in AskLibO. Her command of English is very well. But, she will also introduce LibO to her school friends and there the command of English might not be enough to register here.

@manj_k ,please have a look into this matter. We also can take this topic out of the AskLibO forum not to bother others not being interested in a German version of AskLibO. BTW, I added your here due to a helpful answer by qubit…

@ROSt53 – I would prefer a German-language forum in the context of “Forum-planning”.

There are at least two German-language forums with active users of LibreOffice:

@manj_k Thanks for the links! I will forward them.
IMHO it would be good to have a link to
Could this be possibly arranged?

@ROSt53 – This forum is not an official TDF (The Document Foundation) forum. .

@manj_k Interesting background of this forum. Now I see that it is not that easy to link to the TDF side. On the other side if this forum works it is OK.