Get all selected items in a listbox?

I’m working on a dialog with a listbox that has multi-select enabled. There is a confirm button on the dialog. How do I get all the selected items in the listbox when the user clicks the confirm button?

Your Confirm button can be attached to a macro. With the dialog as a global variable, the macro can access the list box and the items selected.

Sub getSelectedItems
Rem get list box from dialog
  oListBox = myDlg.getControl("ListBox1")
Rem get array of items
  oSelectedValues = oListBox.SelectedItems
Rem check if anything selected
  If uBound(oSelectedValues) = -1 then
      MsgBox "Nothing Selected"
      Exit sub
  End if
Rem loop through array
  for x = 0 to uBound(oSelectedValues)
      Print oSelectedValues(x)
  Next x
End Sub