Get author name and last name from the logged-in user's profile

I’m sorry in advance if I can’t be precise about the version and OS, but I remember LibreOffice (around 4.x or early 5.x version) used to get the name and last name bits of the user profile from the actual logged user as provided by the underlying operating system and stamp them in the creation / modification properties of the file on saving. This was on Linux Mint with the default OS packages.

As a teacher this was very helpful to detect plagiarism between students and I would like to have it back.

  1. Is it something that can be turned back on through a configuration switch?

  2. If that info was never read from the OS as komma4 suggests, is there any easy way to pre-fill it when the user directory is created on first login (Linux/Ubuntu)?

As a teacher I would like to post my opinion that technical means for fighting plagiarism on this level are not / no longer efficient.
Since I don’t know the precise context you want to use the means in, I can only tell that there is ‘Tools’ > ‘Options’ > ‘LibreOffice’ > ‘User Data’ > ‘Use data for document properties’. To prevent users from faking this info is next to impossible. Use classical means.
And don’t underestimate the plagiators.

This service can test for plagiarism by comparing the source text with a target set ( from Internet or user-uploaded texts ).

This site offers a Free check for plagiarism.

Thanks for the suggestions but I should have added: I’m a high school CS teacher so I’m not so concerned about content plagiarism (as I would if I were say a history teacher). This is for small children learning how to use LibreOffice. I know smart kids can fake the author but it is very unlikely in this particular scenario.

Did you already try the setting I mentioned above?
How would a pupil tempted to misuse the work of another pupil get access to that work? In what way would he (f/m) pass it to you? …

@Lupp That checkbox tells LO to fill in the file properties with data from that form, am I right? I have it checked. My problem is that the ‘User Data’ form is empty when the user first starts LO. At some point in the past a combination of Linux distro + LO had that form automatically populated and that’s what I’m really looking for.

As far as I can tell, these values never came from the operating system, but from the menu: Tools>Options...>LibreOffice>User data

And: don’t rely on this data: it can be manipulated through programming (scripts) very easily.

I’m sad to hear that. I’ll reformulate my question to ask if such data can be pre-filled when the user first logs in. Re security: normally the students that plagiarize are the ones that won’t bother changing the creation stamp or know such thing even exists, so it’s reliable enough to me.

I would think the other way around: the ones too lazy to write down down thoughts are going a great length of falsifying data.
Again: the answer is; yes, with scripting. You can fill the mentioned location of the data, but that doesn’t prevent a user to change or delete it after he / she started LO.

If I’m not wrong User Profile is on user path, so introducing user data as was explained by @komma4 with the first access of the user, should be enough.