Get CellObject From CellAdressObject

I have an Object of type, and I want to get the specified cell as object.
Currently I am doing:

doc.Sheets[c_obj.Sheet].getCellByPosition(c_obj.Column, c_obj.Row)

Is there a better way?

First the counter question, how do you get to this Cell_address_object if not in a generic way via:
“from import CellAddress” ??

doc.Sheets[c_obj.Sheet][ c_obj.Row, c_obj.Column]

since LO5.1 the pyuno-Interface allows this more »pythonic«-syntax.

In the case you start with knowing the indeces of sheet, Column and row, its simple by:

my_addr = (2, 3, 0) #3th Column, 4th row, first sheet exactly in that order
cell = doc.Sheets.getCellByPosition( *my_addr ) 

It could be a calculated position.

do you mean the positions … so see my last sugggestion above.

I mean, it could be a calculated cell address.

my_addr = cell1.getCellAddress()
my_addr.Column = x
my_addr.Row = y
# cell2 = doc.Sheets.getCellByPosition( *my_addr ) <- nonsense
my_range.copyRange(my_addr, my_range.RangeAddress)

@Villeroy but *tuple-unpacking doesnt work with CellAddress-structs