Get install warning 1909 then error 2902

Had LibreOffice for 3 years and did all updates as requested. Just stopped letting us save files recently (message was could not locate file) so we decided to uninstall and reinstall. Well, got the uninstall down. Won’t reinstall. Using Windows 10. Keep getting warning 1909 then error 2902.

Just a search for 1909 would give you answer.

I’m in my Windows Defender and don’t have anything remotely called Controlled Access if that’s what you’re saying needs to be addressed according to other posts.

It seems that first I need to show you how to search in Internet, then point to specific page.

Also, you didn’t provide any details about your Windows 10 (its build, which would allow to judge if your version has it).

I have the same scenario with windows 10 home and have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program (thinking that a glitch occurred during download 3x) windows 10 home version is 64 bit 64x operating system.

So I assume that what you are saying (since you are commenting here) is: “I try installing the MSI; get the two errors (1909 and 2902); I have tried re-downloading (doesn’t help); I also tried to disable Defender’s Controlled Folder Access (as described in the linked pages; also doesn’t help)”?