Getting a sound file to play in Libre Office Writer


So I insert a hyperlink to an mp3 in a table in Libre Office. I select the link button, move the speaker icon to where I want it to be in the document.

When I mouse on the icon to play the file nothing happens, it simply gives me the option to continue to move or resize it but NOT play it. Any clues on how I can make this work? Is there a secret way to make this an active button? I have looked on line and at the manual but nothing to be found to help me on this.

It is a doc referring to individual sound files I want to be played back as references to text in the table. There is going to be around 40 of them so hoping this does not require a convoluted solution.


Hello @DigitalMixes,

The speaker icon isn’t really a button, but like you said, it’s more like an icon to select.

( although it might be possible to attach its “OnClick” event to a macro, making it effectively into a button, but i haven’t verified this yet. )

To make the sound file play, just select the speaker icon and then pop out the SideBar from the right side of the window.

In the SideBar there is supposed to be a “Media Playback” section with basic buttons for playing, pausing, and stopping the playback of your sound file.

Hope it helps, lib

Many thanks. I will look into this. Appreciate you took the time to respond. Best regards Alex

I’m able to imbed the sound file in a calc document, but it has some issues. It would be nice to play it by clicking the icon, which it seems is not supported. ok. I tried using the position control and now when I play it the playback starts at four different points each time it is played. Delete the icon and add a new one, same position oddities. How can I remove this position behavior?