Getting router stats into Calc

I want to monitor my router performance using Calc but I cannot get the router data in as it is password (login) protected. Of course, I can see what I want fine on a browser when I’ve logged in - so I know the address. I can also get unprotected data on the router into calc but this does not have the information I need. I have tried ‘passing’ login information in a query but without success. I have also tried ‘screenscrapers’ but, again, with no success. So, does anyone know how to get ‘passworded’ external data into Calc - preferably without programming? Many thanks.

More specifically, when using Sheet>Link to External Data, I get errors:

“Error reading data from the Internet.
Server error message: Could not parse response status line.”

“Error loading document
Object not accessible.
The object cannot be accessed
due to insufficient user rights.”


My pov: No way to get this done without programming and providing user credentials. And what you call an error couldn’t be considered as such, since it is designed functionality your router refusing unauthorized access.

Thanks for the quick response. I realize these are not true ‘errors’ and Libreoffice is just trying to tell me that ‘something is wrong’. It’s the ‘something is wrong’ that I am trying figure out!
I was coming to the conclusion that some programming might be required but that is something I haven’t got around to learning yet. However, I would still need the ‘know how’ of exactly what code is required.
Thanks for your thoughts.

So, why does “http://username:password@” not work? Is the syntax correct? It is not accepted as a valid target - key does nothing. If I only enter “” then that works fine - but then no password is required for that page and it doesn’t have any information I need.

The url is correct syntax for login, but it is not unusual for embedded web servers to refuse the login info submitted this way. Security as well as code compaction are sensible reasons.

I suggest you use a tool better suited to the task.

With snmp requests you should be able to extract quite a lot of info. If you can configure your router for syslog service, you may get even more.

For MS Windows, the Paessler Router Traffic Grapher (PRTG) is a good tool for snmp/syslog monitoring. The free version is limited to 100 devices, which is often not enough for the workplace, but sufficient for all but the most crowded of home networks. IIRC it will also export to csv files, so you can get your data into Calc. Not sure whether it will do live logging to external file.

For other platforms, Cacti will do snmp but requires quite a bit of work (and claims to support syslog via a plugin, but I could never make that work).

Hmm, I think this must be a limitation with my router then. I tried PRTG but this only seems to analyse the transport layer (packets, etc.) and above, whereas all I want is the performance of my connection - specifically: Download Rate (Kbps), SNR Margin (1 dB) and HEC Errors. This is all contained in one table that I can easily manipulate within Calc to produce usable totals, charts, etc. It’s just importing the raw data that I am having trouble with! Thanks for your reply.

Opaque commented:

Have you ever successfully logged into a web page using that syntax?

Snowy replies:

No! Has anyone? It’s just a technique I’ve seen online but have never got to work.