Getting single parentheses after little f.

I was going over the writing of cursive letters and used parentheses before and after the little letters in Libre Office. They all came out great, - except for the little “f” which happened to “repeatedly” print a single parentheses after the little f. Note it only occurred after the little f the parentheses before the little f was a double, but the last parentheses was single.

I am having difficulty in understanding exactly the problem. Could you edit your question (don’t use Answer) to add what operating system, what version of LO, what font and any special characteristics it has, e.g. does (f) create a ligature?. Maybe insert picture from a sceenshot to show what you see and what you expect? Or do you expect to get ((f) but get ((f)))))))). Cheers, Al

What do you mean under little? A small-size letter? A minuscule?

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Is this question for other software, Cursive: Structural Editing ?

May be related with AutoCorrect (menu Tools - AutoCorrect - AutoCorrect Options…).