Getting the old draw interface back

System is libreoffice 5.0 on a win8.1 laptop using the draw program.

My drawing is a bunch of interconnected boxes. Each box is a resource, I use color coding to determine the owner of that resource. Used to be I could select a box and in the upper right it would tell me the color, say “sky blue 3”. I could then click another box, open a drop down menu, and choose “sky blue 3” to change that resource’s owner.

In Libreoffice 5 I can’t see a way to get the color name, nor to set a color based on a name. All I get is the palette of 256 (or whatever) colors.

To be honest, I chose this method of determining owner because it was so simple to do. I could do my monthly update in 5 minutes.

So, how can I either replicate that color name functionality, or get the old interface back?

[edit: added lo5 + win8 tags]

You can use the drop-down list from the “Line and Filling” toolbar instead.

Have you considered to use for each owner a style? Then you can switch the owner by applying a style.