Give us the option to hide "Title bar" of LibreOffice like in Firefox and Chrome. (This is not about "Fullscreen")

Maximizing the viewing space is a big thing for all users in any application. These days, almost all application give us the option to hide “Title bar” then Why not in LibreOffice too.

Right now we need to depend upon third-party tweaks just to ‘hide title bar’.
As in the screenshot given below:

P.S: Please, give us the native inbuilt option for this.
Note: This is not about Fullscreen. Nor the LibreOffice has any bug in this matter.
(This case is reopened which is more explained carefully.)

(Do ignore the comments on 1st Answer. Because this issue was redirected toward “Fullscreen” before and I fall for it.)

Full screen is currently where the title bar is hidden. As mentioned in the comment below, Ubuntu & LO has various problems with full screen.

If you are looking to do nothing more than hide just the title bar, this is not a current option.

In ether case, full screen fix or hide title bar, you will need to file a bug report as noted in my comment below.

No recently, the full-screen problem has been solved, I am not talking about “fullscreen” anymore as mentioned in the question above. Not its not even a bug to file something, There is literally no option given to hide “title bar”. Are u sure, u r getting my point? @Ratslinger

There are still problems with Full screen. No options to hide title bar. You can blank out the wording with macro coding but the bar is still there but you apparently want to HIDE the title bar.

if u talking about Ubuntu, fullscreen is solved in mine (18.10 which is latest stable build) by the recent update. I didn’t know what u mean by “You can blank out the wording with macro coding but the bar is still there but you apparently want to HIDE the title bar.” I really hope, u know what i am really like really talking about. And that a “feature-request” because there is no option for it. There is no argument in this.

Remove text but space is not reclaimed. And yes - “feature-request” is still done through Bugzilla. This is noted on the main Ask page in right column (Resources) under How to use the Ask site

Let me be clear here, r u saying requesting feature doesn’t work on this site?

@Pranav I thought that was very clear in my last comment. Bugzilla is where you submit feature enhancements. Most people here answering questions are LO users just like you with possibly a bit more experience using the software.

In the menu, switch to View>Full Screen (Ctrl+Switch+J).

Even if i go full screen, i still have this: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Edit your question and upload your image there.

done that @Hrbrgr

Which OS do you use?

@Hrbrgr Ubuntu 18.10

I use Windows. I hope it will soon be someone who uses ubuntu.

LO full screen on Ubuntu based systems is very buggy. LO v6.1.4.2 in full screen works without titles only with BOTH rulers on. Various conditions if run in safe mode (not helpful). Other problems exist such as Ctrl-F (Find) doesn’t work on Ubuntu 18.04 but will, under certain conditions, work in Mint 18.3.

Best to file Bug report for your problem → Bugzilla

I use devilspie for this. Works fine on Manjaro Linux or Debian. Should work on any linux distro IMO.

my devilspie rule looks like the following:

( if 
( begin 
    ( contains ( application_name ) "LibreOffice" )
( begin 
    ( undecorate )
    ( maximize )
    ( maximize_vertically )
    ( maximize_horizontally )
    ( println "match" )


Give us the option to enable “Title bar” of LibreOffce like in Firefox. I didn’t find a way to disable or enable the title bar. Where is it?

If you have an enhancement request, you are wrong here (and this has already been stated within this post). You don’t seem to know that the audience of this forum is mainly users of LibreOffice and not developers.

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You are right. Is there a Github or Gitlab link of this project where I can open an issue, just like I opened for GIMP a few days ago?