Giving Librewriter more liberty when it comes to auto correction

When I’m writing in libre, pretty obvious typos, although recognized, have to be manually changed and titles such as names of countries or people are not being automatically capitalized.

Is there a way to make Libewriter more active in when it comes to auto correcting words?

The existing options are not enough for you?

I’m not sure; are there some modifications i can make with these settings to achieve what I’m asking for? Are there any formal word list online that i can plugin to make the autocorrect more encompassing or would i have to sit there and type in every name i can think of manually?

You can add those names (in pair with the non-capitalized version) to the Replace list.

Are there any formal word list online, that i can plugin or would i have to sit there and type in every name i can think of manually? Does libre have a import feature?

Use the Check Spelling function. You can replace all of instances of one misspelled version of a word in a document with some mouse click.
(The Dictionary of the actual language must be installed.)

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…And the language of the Paragraph/Words must be set properly.

… the capitalization rules of the names of the countries, languages, and nationalities are language dependent:

“Hungary”, “Hungarian language”, “Hungarians” - in English language, but
“Magyarország”, “magyar nyelv”, and “magyarok” - in the Hungarian language

LibreOffice uses hunspell dictionaries. There are one ore two online…,thesaurus%20-%20synonyms%20and%20acronyms

OK so I’ve figured out where the autocorrect xml is stored, the only issue is you have to convert where it’s stored (a dat file) to a zip file and i can’t seem to figure out a way to convert the zip into a dat to plug it in. Simply renaming it doesn’t seem to change it’s extension.

But i found a pretty good auto correct list that’s decently long and it should work nicely if i can figure this out.