Global customization

I use the same keyboard shortcuts in all the LO applications, so I wanted to do a global customization. I thought that assigning keys after choosing the “LibreOffice” radio button would make those keys available in all applications. Actually, that seems to have no effect at all. For example, I use F7 for bold. I go to keyboard customization from within one application, for example Writer, click on the LO radio button, assign F7 to bold, click OK, type a word, hit F7… and the spell check starts! Apparently, I have no choice but customize each and every application. Is there a clever way to tell LO to always use F7 for bold? And, what is the LO radio button used for, given that the assigned key seems to be completely ignored?
Thanks in advance.

On my Linux 5.1 LibO system, I have a choice on customising the assigned keys. On TOOLS > CUSTOMISE > KEYBOARD the panel that pops up gives me the choice to assign the keys to LIBREOFFICE or WRITER, when chosen from Writer, LIBREOFFICe or CLAC from Calc etc… Perhaps this meets your request…Peter

Perhaps I have not formulated my question in a clear enough way, but I do have exactly the same as you. The problem is that when I do a customization for LibreOffice, it simply does not work. No matter what I customize, I still have the default keys. I have to repeat the customization for Writer, for Impress, fro Draw etc. because if I do it for LibreOffice it simply does not work at all.

It’s almost two years since I put this question, am I the only one having to repeat the same customization for each separate component of LO? Any way to obtain a global customization, perhaps with the bonus of being able to export it and then import in on a different PC, so that I do not need to start over again?