Globally embed fonts in all documents?

Hi. Is there any setting in LibreOffice with which I can include the used fonts in the document globally? I mean not to have to do it per document but to make the program automatically include the used fonts in all the documents I create or edit, regardless of format (meaning it would work for all sub-programs, not just writer).
If no such an option in LO settings, is there a way to do it via terminal?

IMO there is no such setting, since font embedding is a property of the document or its underlying template. Hence you need to make the setting for your default templates (once per each LibreOffice module) and all additional templates you may use.


font embedding is a property of the document or its underlying template

rather “font embedding is a property of the document, possibly coming from its underlying template”.

It would be great to have this option to make this a global default… why?

Well, I´ve recommended many students to use libreoffice and they they complain that documents changed.

The problem is that when they sent homework to their teacher their documents did not appear why because of the font. I later recommended them to use standard fonts, Their teacher did not had Liberation font for example.

I also use Softmaker office for example and when Textmaker is installed it also installs Times and it uses it as default.

You must understand that not all users are computer savy to understand small details.

BTW, when will presenter have new transition effects? it has been the same for years and still has the same old Office 2003 transitions, not even MsOffice 2007

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