GPG with LO6 PortableApps

Currently, the PortableApp version of LO6 does not use GPG Plugin Portable, which appears to be the only way to get the GnuPG package on PortableApps. You can use PGP keys if gpg4win is installed in Windows, for example, but if you are running LO6 from the PortableApps platform on a USB stick, it cannot find any keys to use when either signing a doc or encrypting it unless GnuPG is installed on the C: drive. The GPG Pluigin Portable is supposedly a complete implementation of GnuPG.

Is there any way to get LO6 apps like Calc to use the plugin, or even the lightweight gpg.exe that could be copied to the USB stick? Alternatively, are there any plans to enable the GPG Plugin for the LO6 PortableApps implementation? We need to be able to encrypt and sign docs solely with standalone apps, certificate managers, etc. regardless of what is installed on the underlying Windows platform.


** edit 6/5/20 ** Bump.

Bump??? Are you kidding? You are talking about something built and maintained by PortableApps - so isn’t it obvious you should contact them to make it possible, or give you instructions?