Grab objects easier


I would like to make moving Objects in LibreOffice Draw easier. When I use XFCE, I can hold down Alt and Left Click anywhere inside a desktop window, to move it around, instead of having to move the mouse cursor to the titlebar of the window and Left Click, to move it around.

I looked into the Customization options in LibreOffice to find something similar, but was not successful. Is there any hotkey I missed, or is it possible to create some kind of a Macro, to achieve this? I would like to be able to:

Move the mouse cursor somewhere over an object.
Hit and hold Ctrl.
Left Click and Hold to move the object around.

Right now I have to Left click onto the edge of the object. Of course this also works somehow, but I want to be able to quickly move things around easily. Having to be exact is frustrating for me.

If there is now way around, I would also be willing to apply a small patch to the source code and compile LibreOffice myself.

Thanks in advance for any help!


PS: The tags I entered where not converted into lowercase (“Draw” / “draw”) and the captchas appear in all different langues to me, e.g. Spanish, Finnish and Italian (AFAIK).