Gradient color option

So, I am trying to color squares with the “gradient” option. However, even when I choose two colors, the minimum for increment is 3. As a result, there is always a mixed color in the middle. However, I came across a document that was created by me roughly 2 years ago as a .pptx file in LibreOffice that somehow enabled me two choose 2 colors. I converted that file to .odp and it still retains that feature. Where I can choose 2 colors with a sharp divide between them at an angle of my choosing

However, I cannot recreate this on a new file. What am I missing here?
These are the settings

I suppose, that your existing object uses the new (since 7.6) “multicolor gradient” feature, which still has no UI (hence you can’t create it manually), but allows to import/export, so existing gradients from MS Office will be round-tripped and displayed correctly. I suppose, that your existing object is just that - something created in MS Office (and the PPTX format supports that suspicion).

I created this file sometime around 2022 July-August, before 7.6 came out. In any case, is this a feature that will come out with UI?

Sure, you mentioned the time frame. But it was MS Office back then, I’m sure.

This feature will get a UI at some point, sure. But it’s not known when. As usual: someone must do that.

So, if I don’t have MSoffice, I guess I can save that element and copy it around?

My talk at LibreOffice Conference 2023 has a file attached with a BASIC macro library to manipulate multicolor gradients.

That might help until someone will extend the current dialog.

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