Grammar check in swedish

Well am learning Swedish and someone said that OpenOffice had a grammar check but did not find it only spelcheck. I thus downloaded Libre Office and same, only spel check. Can anyone advise how to get grammar check as it would help me enormously in writing sentences in right word order.

many tks.

You shouldn’t use a grammar checker to learn a foreign language. Quite often a grammar checker will make useful suggestions, but it can also be wrong, and if you don’t know the language well enough, you will not be able to make out when the grammar checker is right or wrong.

Grammar checking is managed in the Language Tool extension. It will offer hints for style as well, and sometimes for interpunction, but don’t expect miracles, it’s still very limited.

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Well said. Just one more thing to add: Swedish rules in LanguageTool are quite limited in their scope as compared to, say, English or Russian and seem to have no updates since 2008.

My first advice is to check this page: Language support of LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki where you can check support for Swedish.

As you see the are few tools including the one for grammar check with the link to it:

Try installing it and see if it helps you.

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