Graphic at end of document fails to print

Windows 7, LibreOffice Version 7.0.1. First test after install with document that prints OK in MS Word 2010.

Document has one page, two small graphics wrapped right interspersed with text. Text prints, last graphic can be edited but does not print. If text is added as separate paragraph after the 2nd graphic, print preview shows the last graphic but it still cannot be printed - area is blank. If another copy of the 2nd graphic is added at the end of the document the 2nd graphic now prints but the copy of the 2nd graphic now fails to print.

Print preview is also not always an exact image of what you get on an actual printer.

Just to make sure: right-click on the image(s) and Properties. Go to Options tab. Is the box labelled Print checked in all images?

Document format is .doc(x)?

If Print is not checked, Print Preview will don’t show it.

The document was created by MS Word as a .docx. All graphics properties options had the "print’ box checked.