Graphics in database

I have several Access (21010) databases which have a lot of graphics. Due to the way Access handles graphics these are loaded from external files by some code as and when they are needed - this prevents the data base becomming bloated. If I switch to the libreoffice database is the same technique required. The graphic files even as compressed jpegs take up alomst 900 MB of hard drive space.


The answer to your question is YES. However, this is true of all databases.

First is the switch to LibreOffice. Understand, much like Access, Base is a front end to databases. LO Base defaults to HSQLDB embedded v1.8 but can use many different DB’s instead. You can, in fact, create a Base file connected to your Access .accdb file in which case the actual DB never changes. You can also move you data to another DB such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, or others and connect Base to one of those.

In any case, you still have to store the files (graphics) somewhere for them to be accessed - either in the database or in the database as a link to the graphic. The one place NOT to store these in is the HSQLDB embedded version. It will cause problems after a few items are stored. Storing links in embedded version is OK but not the actual images.

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