Grayed out file menu's

Hi I have been having a small problem printing a document created in Libre Office writer and in trying to solve it I have obviously messed a setting up but which one !!!
When I click on a file menu the opening box is grayed out HELP what have I done wrong.

I have even tried uninstalling Libre office and reinstalling it but it still comes up with the same problem . I even downloaded Apache office that’s OK I know the two program’s are very similar but I have got used to Libre now and would like to continue with
Thank you in advance for any help given Regards mike

You haven’t mentioned what operating system or the LO version. I don’t have an answer for you because if you’ve COMPLETELY removed LO & deleted the user profile I haven’t a clue as to the problem. My only thought would be that if you are using Windows there may still be some registry entries remaining after removing LO. I quit using windows so can’t help there.

Try to delete the user profile like you see here:

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Thank you for taking the trouble for your detailed reply but unfortunately it did not make any difference at all
Regards Mike