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The link about user profile is: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/UserProfile,
BTW usually from my experience is enough changing the name or deleting registrymodifications.xcu in the root the user profile, so not all configurations are lost.

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“When noticing strange behavior in LibreOffice the first thing to do is to reset the user profile. To do so, follow these steps:” (Thanks @Charlie.it. This is just a quick links, so I can quickly find this the next time I need it.)

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The user profile is stored in a folder named user whose location can be checked (Libre Office open):

  • Windows: Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Paths
  • Linux: Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Paths
  • Mac OSX: LibreOffice > Preferences > LibreOffice > Paths

Generally the paths are the following:

  • Windows: C: > Users > your user name > AppData > Roaming > LibreOffice > 4 > user
  • Linux: home > your user name > .config > libreoffice > 4 > user
  • Mac OSX: Library > Application Support > LibreOffice > 4 > user

Folders mentioned are normally “hidden” that is not visible unless you provide, in the operating system, the consensus view:

  • Windows: Control Panel > Folder Options > View > Hidden files and folders check Show folders, files and drives hidden > OK
  • Linux: hold down ctrl and H
  • Mac OS X: Hold down the Alt key and select Go in the Finder

Tip for Microsoft Windows: to get straight to the user profile folder, press Win + R, type in %APPDATA%\libreoffice\4\user and press Enter.

The user folder you can delete, rename or move commands with their respective operating systems.