Greek spellcheck on OSX 10.8 and libre 4?

Hello I just installed a fresh copy of libre 4 in my macbook but as it happened before with libre 3, I can’t use the Greek spellcheck.

I don’t know what I did wrong I though I selected Greek spelling while installing, but maybe I’m getting confused with the windows version I installed recently on my desktop.

If I haven’t installed Greek spellcheck, how can I do it now?
Last time with libre 3 I just installed an extension I had from open office 3 and it worked like a charm, but it is a surprise to me that I can’t find any extension for libre office.

In windows version everything works.

as a side note I installed the English versions, because I prefer my UI to be in English.

@nitro912gr – Any feedback welcome …

Is the "Greek spelling dictionary, and hyphenation rules 1.1" shown in the Extension Manager?


If not:

(1) It is included in the → Greek language pack “LibreOffice_4.0.1_MacOS_x86_langpack_el.dmg”.

(2) Or download the → Extension “Hellenic (Greek) Dictionary (Spell Check and Hyphenation 1.1.0)”
(on AOO Extensions)