Grid lines disappear when I set the background color of the column

There are grid lines on the calc spreadsheet. When I set the background color of some columns, grid lines disappear from these columns. What should I do to have colored columns AND grid lines on them?

You could add borders to them.

  1. Select the cells, click the Toolbar icon and select the “grid” image. image description
  2. Select the cells, click Format > Cells (Ctrl+1), select the Borders tab and click the “grid” icon, OK.

This is tedious to do frequently so you can create a style. Select a cell with the coloured background and border, then in the sidebar, open the styles pane. Click on the icon at the top with the tooltip Create style from selection, a new dialog will open, give the style a useful name, e.g. RuralOffice and click OK. In future if you double click on your new style name, your selection will gain the same border and background.

image description

Custom styles seem to get distributed alphabetically in the list.

image description

See also options under Options|Calc|View|Visual Aids|Grid lines.

@EarnestAl : I don’t need borders, I need grid lines.
@mikekaganski : Tools|Options|Calc|View|Visual Aids|Grid lines doesn’t work on colored columns, grid lines aren’t visible.


Worked for me:

image description

Thanks @mikekaganski. It never worried me as coloured cells were not a huge part of my spreadsheets so I never thought to look for a different answer. I’ll remember that. Cheers, Al

Thanks a lot!