Gridlines won't change color despite settings. Any ideas why this is happening?

A week ago, changing the color of the gridlines in a worksheet worked perfectly. I made the changes under the settings for Visual Aids: Colors, and had no problems.

Today, no matter what I do or what spreadsheet/worksheet I open, the color of the gridlines won’t change. The settings allow me to choose a different color, it just won’t apply it.

Any ideas? I’m not sure what’s happened.

So I think I figured this out. I forgot all about changing some of the colors in the applications colors area. I had set a specific color for the grid. I hadn’t realized this meant the grid line color wouldn’t be able to be changed in the regular visual aid color options after that.

Anyway, I restarted in safe mode and removed all user settings and that was what clued me in because I remembered at that point that I had personalized the colors in this other place.

I’m going to leave this here in the event this question/answer combo helps someone else. Grid color changes can happen in a couple of places and it apparently matters which you do if you want the colors to persist. :slight_smile: