Group Dropbox for video illustrations of questions?

Hi all, so I’ve realised the value in being able to upload/watch screen recordings/other video when addressing questions, however even in a compressed file size, with a video of short duration, I’ve found that these videos are almost always too large to upload to this website.

This got me wondering what could be done to get around this- it’s comparitively cumbersome and impractical to have to take a bunch of photos illustrating each step of a process, when a short video would do the same thing, particularly when a process is long and complicated.

I thought perhaps we could create a group Dropbox or use another medium to share these larger types of files. Would anyone care to weigh in on this/advise a good medium for this sharing that not only facilitates fast, easy uploading of video files, but also protects the anonymity of individuals involved?

Thanks in advance.


Just based upon the Spam we already need to fight, this would open up Pandora’s Box.

Pandora’s dropbox eh? Damn and blast!

Can anyone think of a workaround? Having this kind of functionality would be really useful!

Sorry, but my personal opinion is totally against videos for a long list of reasons. I just listed a major reason this would be a problem.