Group To group using Writer it is impossible to mark the objects.

In my case I want to group 2 pictures in .jpg format but it is not possible to mark them. I use Shift and try to mark with the mouse.

Windows 10, Libre Office (64)

Images are handled differently as compared to drawing objects in Writer. Their position and size (and…) isn’t controlled with the help of hosting shapes, but using text frames a frame type (typical service: for hosting. Frames cannot be grouped.

If you want to group images (whether accompanied by graphics or not) you best do it in Draw. You can then Copy/Paste the result to a Writer document.

An image inserted this way into a text doument will still be shape-hosted. You thus can change the grouping and most properties as if using Draw.

Another way to get an image hosted by a shape in Writer would be to import it as the concretion of the Bitmap property of a geometric shape (rectangle e.g.). But this comes with disadvanteges. I would only use this option if I wanted the hosting shape to be different from a rectangle.

Thank you for good and “speedy” answer. John

Who’s John in this case?
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