Grouped objects: Create border and/or save as single bitmap?

I’ve group a collection of objects consisting of bitmaps and rectangles.

I cannot find a way to place a border around the rectangular space that encompasses all the objects. When I use the “Line” tool, all the objects within the Group get outlined, which is not what I want to do.

Additionally, I cannot save the group to a file as a bitmap. The context menu only provides a Save option for an ungrouped bitmap.

The only way to do what I want seems to be to draw a rectangle around the area encompassing all objects of interest, then do a screen capture.

Can this not be accomplished by working with the objects as a group?


Before applying Líne… you need to convert the group to bitmap. Choose menu Format (or secondaty button over group) - Convert - To Bitmap.

To save the group (or ungrouped objects) as a bitmap. Select the group (or objects), choose menu File - Export…, in File type: select your desired bitmap format, check Selection, and Save.

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That works perfectly! Thank you!

Please, repost your comment. I just tried to upvote, and there was no more.

Here is my reposted comment, with more details: Your answer works perfectly. Thanks! I also tried to upvote the answer, but I don’t have enough reputation points.

@JustA.NotherUser, Sorry I confused you. I was writing to @ajlittoz who posted and deleted a good idea which can also help you.

@LeroyG: I didn’t comment on this question as it is tagged impress. Maybe you’re confusing this question with another one.

Had I commented, my general advice would have been: “don’t insert drawing objects directly in Impress but build your global picture in Draw with all the power of Draw and copy/paste the result.”

Thanks, ajlittoz. I was not aware of the existence of the Draw app til now. Will have to explore…

It took me this long to dip my toe into the pool of Impress Draw because of concerns about ramp-up time. But it has so much in similar with Impress! Thanks!