GUI error in tablet mode

Hi all,

I am running LibreOffice in a convertible netbook which has a 10" screen with resolution 1024x600. Everything works fine in netbook mode:

When I convert to tablet mode and rotate to portrait orientation, the close button is shown upon help menu:

If I quit the program in this state and open it again, the problem still happens, in any mode or orientation:

My OS is MeeGo 1.2. I tried to use the current LibO release: same problem. Anyone knows how can I fix this?

Thank you

I replicated it in Win7 (making a very narrow window).
Do the following: go to Tools → Options: In General click View and set Scaling from 100% to 90% ( worked for me).

What this does is to reduce the font in the Menue and everything gets a bit smaller, but you don’t have the overlay annymore.

You might want to report this as a bug in Bugzilla.

Thank you for your answer, it worked for now. I reported the bug already: 55576 :slight_smile: