Guidence required for pdf export need to export entire fonts insted of subset

I am developing one solution for pdf incremental update. Assume there is one fodt file which will be updated through libreoffice . once saved and exported as pdf then need to be merged it to exisiting master pdf . i am trying to utilize the existing font object of master.pdf . please guide how to export of entire font so that in future export will also have same character mapping. please guide which files of source code need to be explored .

Thanks in advance

Make sure to select Archival (PDF/A, ISO 19005) as it should include the fonts. However there was some discussion in March about this not working.

### Archival (PDF/A, ISO 19005)

Converts to the PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2b, or PDF/A-3b format. All fonts used in the source document are embedded in the generated PDF file, and PDF tags are written. The primary purpose is to create an electronic document whose appearance is device and application independent, making it suitable for long term preservation.